# 2-part displaced fracture of surgical neck of right humerus ... 4-part fracture of surgical neck of unspecified humerus
A Acute embolism and thrombosis ... Asphyxiation due to unspecified cause
B Bent bone of right ulna ... Burns involving 90% or more of body surface
C Candidal cystitis and urethritis ... Crushing injury of unspecified thigh
D Diabetes mellitus due to underlying condition ... Drug or chemical induced diabetes mellitus
E Epidural hemorrhage without loss of consciousness ... Epidural hemorrhage without loss of consciousness
F Fracture of vault of skull ... Frostbite with tissue necrosis of unspecified wrist
G Greenstick fracture of shaft of humerus, right arm ... Greenstick fracture of shaft of unspecified ulna
H Heatstroke and sunstroke ... Heatstroke and sunstroke
I Infection due to gastric band procedure ... Injury of right internal carotid artery, intracranial portion
L LeFort I fracture ... Local infection due to central venous catheter
M Malar fracture unspecified ... Multiple fractures of ribs, unspecified side
N Nondiabetic hypoglycemic coma ... Nondisplaced Zone III fracture of sacrum
O Other urogenital candidiasis ... Other urogenital candidiasis
P Postprocedural pneumothorax ... Pyonephrosis
R Renal and perinephric abscess ... Renal and perinephric abscess
S Saddle embolus of pulmonary artery with acute cor pulmonale ... Superficial frostbite of unspecified wrist
T Type 1 diabetes mellitus with ketoacidosis ... Type III traumatic spondylolisthesis of third cervical vertebra
U Ureteritis cystica ... Urinary tract infection
W Wedge compression fracture of unspecified thoracic vertebra ... Wedge compression fracture
Z Zygomatic fracture ... Zygomatic fracture