00-00Procedures And Interventions, Not Elsewhere Classified
01-05Operations On The Nervous System
06-07Operations On The Endocrine System
08-16Operations On The Eye
17-17Other Miscellaneous Diagnostic And Therapeutic Procedures
18-20Operations On The Ear
21-29Operations On The Nose, Mouth, And Pharynx
30-34Operations On The Respiratory System
35-39Operations On The Cardiovascular System
40-41Operations On The Hemic And Lymphatic System
42-54Operations On The Digestive System
55-59Operations On The Urinary System
60-64Operations On The Male Genital Organs
65-71Operations On The Female Genital Organs
72-75Obstetrical Procedures
76-84Operations On The Musculoskeletal System
85-86Operations On The Integumentary System
87-99Miscellaneous Diagnostic And Therapeutic Procedures